Change in quest: stop posting

Since now a few weeks I am facing  some different situations… some more pleasant, some less. Some technically bound to the bike (3 tyres broken) […]

To Çakmak – heat and climbing 

After waking up by some wild dogs barking around the tent, I needed longer to start. That’s the challenge when having to wild camp in […]

To Tavas, gaining altitude to 1120m

After clarifying everything at the hotel, I could “finally” leave, even it was a bit late and I knew… the goal would be at 1120m […]

Arriving to Denizli…

Today morning I was waking not so early thanks to have put the tent on the correct spot with the shadow from the trees in […]

To Turgutlu: Heat wave increases

As usual…. leaving a larger city isn’t so easy: you have to find the best compromise between fast and not to big road.  So then […]

Back to Izmir

There was some topics that are bothering me since a few weeks. My front tyre was doing strange and the whole power Management isn’t working […]

Chios – Çesme: Back to Turkey….

Today’s goal was easy…. cycling back to Chios and waiting for the ferry in the evening… unfortunately, they are only in the morning and evening… […]

Around Chios, day 2

Breakfast in the wild is the best breakfast when nice weather…. 🙂 I had a bit forgotten the Greek way…. having tons of little churches […]

Chios Island, cycling day 1

The island Chios is for sure not so flat… and the day started with headwind from north. Not so bad since the temperature was higher […]

To Aliaga to get rest…

It had to happen…. my real first mistake on wild camping. After loosing the fresh water and having only 600mlnof sweet drink. And then I […]

To the camping of Bektas

So the day started in near heaven situation: as yesterday in the calm place surrounded by the wineyard.   We cycled towards the ferry and […]

Bozcaada Island

Today was waking up like in paradise… calm, fresh air, sun, a sweet breeze and with the view on the private winard. And then to […]

A new journey…. Troy

When I left Çanakkale in the morning, I saw the rest of the city I had not discovered by foot earlier. It seems the wind […]

Some impressions of Çanakkale 

Well… what to say… meeting Ali at the sea museum with the dream of living in a cold, less sun intense country.  Going out for […]

To Güneyli (north of  Gelibolu)

Well… the first task of the day after the breakfast…. … was to fix the front tire as it was not tight. Fortunately, there was […]