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One of my passions is cycling in its different forms. Since 1999, that passion not only increased a lot but changed as well. Starting from simple tours by road bike in Switzerland or some rides to cycle to university, the journeys started to get longer.

Then I added a tandem to my little family and a hard tail MTB, which was replaced by a cyclocross bike after a car crash. After one year, the trips in Cuba and especially around Sicily made me change my thinking: some suspension and larger tires would be interesting… The bike was then stolen in Arica and replace by a carbon full suspension bike.

The weight race was still in my head… until one day, after having bought an extra heavy bike compatible with a trailer, I realised on my home trail: after 4 weeks of cycling training each, there was no difference between a 12.5 and a 16.5kg full suspension bike. Even more, I was faster with the heavier…

Since 2010, I’ve always tried to connect my longer trips with some charity related project, as I’m feeling privileged and want to give something back to the world. As the number of blogs started to be higher, I decided to moved them to a dedicated site all about cycling… all by cycle… bycycle.ch

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