17 Aug

Do you recognise someone? Only few days into the Ländle and already in the news? ;o) Source: https://www.volksblatt.li/tools/getimage.aspx?image=/fotoalbum/thumbnails/CenterMiddle/600×337/Beatles-Party-22-5288-adw.jpg

At the beach… humans.

10 Jul

Yes. Nazis were and still are bad. They have left many traces. I can’t imagine the next two were because of Nazis. So… we humans are just stupid? Difficult question to answer….

To the [few] readers…

10 Jul

Technology has its dis- and advantages. For transparency, I guess you “all” (few) know that a homepage gives you some information about the traffic on any page. Welcome in 1984+. That said: yes, I see that “some people” (don’t worry: … Read More »

To Eckernförde

30 Jun

We had a bad night… So we decided to take a break and have some day offs. Including nice fish eating, chocolate, and a few sweets in the local factory 🙂