17 Aug

Do you recognise someone? Only few days into the Ländle and already in the news? ;o) Source: https://www.volksblatt.li/tools/getimage.aspx?image=/fotoalbum/thumbnails/CenterMiddle/600×337/Beatles-Party-22-5288-adw.jpg

At the beach… humans.

10 Jul

Yes. Nazis were and still are bad. They have left many traces. I can’t imagine the next two were because of Nazis. So… we humans are just stupid? Difficult question to answer….

To the [few] readers…

10 Jul

Technology has its dis- and advantages. For transparency, I guess you “all” (few) know that a homepage gives you some information about the traffic on any page. Welcome in 1984+. That said: yes, I see that “some people” (don’t worry: … Read More »

To Eckernförde

30 Jun

We had a bad night… So we decided to take a break and have some day offs. Including nice fish eating, chocolate, and a few sweets in the local factory 🙂

Action for hope

19 Jun

When arriving at the camping and today Sunday, luck was there and allowed to meet two w o n d e r f u l humans who give hope in mankind and kindness: René and Angéle. They spent part of … Read More »

To krummesse /95km

17 Jun

A great technical day: seeing the lift that lift up/down the 6000 tons heavy and 100m long Bassin over 38m. We had been recommend by Achim as well to look at the Kaiser Willhelm: a Steam boat from the 1908. … Read More »

Some Koblenz impressions

25 May

We wanted to get some stuff from Decathlon, and had to empty fast the building: bomb alert that was hours later dismissed:https://www.swr.de/swraktuell/rheinland-pfalz/koblenz/forum-mittelrhein-koblenz-gerauemt-100.html

To Mr Putin

16 May

The European Union had let some place free to add the Ukraine on a list of countries that have suffered from the system that you look to mourn about. Is that your goal?

Thanksfull & blessed…

4 Feb

…because one realised that he can’t remember when he has slept the last time in a hospital. It must be over 40years. Thank “you” ☺️☺️☺️ And thanksfull and happy as well because I am sharing my room with Roger: I … Read More »

Little ride…

10 Nov

Why not enjoying some nice pictures of landscape that I liked? I was something like 15y or more there and have nearly no memories! 🤭🤭😱😂 Let’s cycle to cap ferm….? 🙂

Bike & hike

19 Aug

Just a bit of both today 🙂 Les gorges du Trient, Salvan, et le chemin des diligences…103 km en total (12km of hiking) http://tour.mapout.me/T5MWRKGnQRCg10ThiM22RA

Pimp the tubing

22 Jun

When you have a misplaced water faucet, that was set there by the workers and which is too shaky, better fix before it brakes: the level is quite long, and the water pipe could burst.

In the garden…

20 Feb

A garden on the hill with nut trees… join two needed together: -Seasonal cutting down of the trees.. -setting up a natural fence to prevent soil heading down the valley… With a little guest…. 🙂 

To Ioannina

20 Nov

After a short night – no idea why – it started in the shadow of the mountain again at around 4°C.  After few Kilometer I was happy (yep, really!) to get on a nice slope up: it was between 3-5% … Read More »


6 Nov

For the techies: All with the carbon gates system and the Schwalbe Marathon Almotion tires:

Leaving Ruse

2 Nov

What is better than to start the day with a surprise: my hosts had cooked a typical sweetness for breakfast and bread filled with white cheese. So cool! It was a good news after the noise of the rubbish container … Read More »

Back to the south… amazing day!

27 Oct

Thanks whomever for that cool day… Well, cool in many manners! Tailwind Mostly blue sky with clouds Met a cool guard while leaving Breila  Temperatur between 8 and 3.9°C  And again: I made the right decision to stay one more day off yesterday. It was … Read More »

To Babadag / controversial day!

22 Oct

Yes, the titel is it saying it: it was such a controversial day!  First the night was short as the neighbours were talking quite loud.   Then I must confess that the week break at home was momentarily given not only good … Read More »


22 Oct

Edit: just wanted to thanks the two Romanian guys who brought me from the airport to the Hotel! It was a real pleasure to meet you! You confirmed my experience that most Romanian people are really kind and friendly. Thanks! … Read More »