To the wildcamping spot

11 Nov

It started with muuuuch sleep since long. Which meant as well, that i started late. And that the wind had risen already. 

But it was sunny, the temperatures were somewhere around 20°C and the road was clear: Kavala. 

Interesting point: in Greek, it is written with a beta. It reminds me some Spanish speaking people who don’t make the difference between b and v (vino pronounced as bino)

In Kavala, i took first the wrong road and finally had to climb something like 24% steep road to join the main road again. 

I needed to refill my wild camping food bags, because as life is so expensive here (nearly like Germany) I need to be more careful. And with such a nice day, it must be. 

So I continued the road in The Valley north of the cost and enjoy the climbing… 

and finally found a new mate ;/)

And later a resting place…
First time the sea since long…
Impressive aqueduct in Kavala:

Center with all people eating at lunchtime 

My “Terrasse ” for lunch… 🙂

The sea in the back:
In case i Need a post office 
And The Valley

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