To Nea Karvali

10 Nov

The day started beautifully after the huge bill of the hotel. Yes, I am not in Bulgaria, Serbia, or Romania. The prices are nearly as high as in Germany. 

The road was fun. Few traffic, quite flat, nearly no wind. And it was sunny, which felt wonderful due to the last two days. 

On the way, I was again attacked by dogs – but loud yelling and a dropping a stone in front of them was enough. 

Later on, I met one french guy walking from France to the east – chapeau Jean-Philippe! It was his bad day: beside meeting me (joke) he had been bitten by a dog earlier the day and had to found the owner and a doctor. Fortunately, the dog had all vaccines. Then I had to tell him about the bad news of the US-Election. He couldn’t believe it which take him the breath away. 

After passing Xanthi (which either I didn’t found the beauty or it wasn’t my taste) i met another french guy. That one cycling… since very very long. Loïc is since several years on the way. Including east Russia and back. Now cycling in Europe and then heading to Newzealand…. who knows… 😉
All my respect. 

The region around has as well white stone and rocks. It looks very special to se their waste put just let beside the road while it looks quite luxury. (No Picts, Sorry)

In the evening, I arrived at a campground…very expensive in comparison of what I have had before. But I wanted a shower…which wasn’t as hot as expected 🙁

Sleeping with the noise of the waves…

First kaky (?) tree
The day before, a heavy rain fall had done its job. Even the Bulgaria  road to Greece I took before was closed. 

The Marmor block and plates 

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