Cycling and Camping on Thasos

After a few days in the hotel, I started with some rain drops to cycle south of the Thasos Island. The goal: find the Giola […]

Back to close to Kavala

As the last riding day was a bit to hard (1600+ climbing metres), I had yesterday a day off and used the time to do […]

cycling north, passing Drama

After the tire damage I needed some spare. As the producer of the tire wanting to send me a replacement by parcel, I had another […]

Leaving Ierissos towards the east

After a longer break, the journey continued…. with all the training to do again while knowing that the condition will come back. Hopefully sooner than […]

Enjoying life…

…and waiting for some parcels…. …while making some other stuff I like and helping others.  Having some refreshment… Repairing broken stuff: Enhancing the distance rear […]

Mt Athos: A dream?

Is Mt Athos and the religious, nearly mistic half island a dream on earth? Of course, being Christian Atheist change the point of view. As […]

Impressions Mt Athos, day 4

Day four started with my longest stay in a church ever: 2.5h (instead of the 4.5h marathon for the orthodox).  After breakfast (with some of […]

Impressions Mt Athos, day 3

The third day had another goal: reaching the “capital” Karyes by foot. Around 21km I had a first thought to the two mountaineers from Romania: […]

Impressions Mt Athos, day 2

While the religious guy where invited to wake up early in the morning to go to the mess, I was let in total doubt if […]

Impressions of Mt Athos, day 1

First of al, here the “where to get more information” about that region: Then you will need your entering paper for the half island. […]

Start to a new special hike

Sometimes exceptional event should be post as well… even not bycycle. šŸ˜‰ And to prevent any possible comments: no, not entering into the monk role…. […]

To Ierissos

Finally back on a bit more cycling… the condition starts to be a little bit to be back! The day started nicely…. with the same […]

To the Orange Beach / Chalkidiki 2

After a hiking weekend the goal was cycling the south of the second of the three half island of Chalkidiki. That island was looking much […]

To Neo Marmaras

Waiking up with the bird song and sun is really nice…  But the tent was in the shadow of the tree  and the moisture from […]

Kassandria half island

After a cooool night even being in a house, I was invited for coffee, sweets and an Albanian Grappa for breakfast…. šŸ™‚ I decided to […]

Underground again

After heavy rain and strong wind, the night was quite short… even some tent peg were out of the soil.  Mount Olympos again… And the […]

Leaving ThessalonikiĀ 

As my friendly Couchsurfing host needed to go to work, my day started early. I brought everything down and packed the bike.  My first goal […]

Back to ThessalonikiĀ 

Yes… to go to the east by land, I had to come back to Thessaloniki. And there is a friendly and interesting NGO worker that […]

To Katerini east of Mt Olympos

Finally sun on the tent as breakfast…. but enough cold wind to cost some more energy to stand up. But I wanted to have a […]

To Agia…

Another lesson…. it’s not a good idea to put a tent on to sticky ground.. the earth sticks long to the shoes, the cycle and […]

After a rainy night…

…I decided  to stay longer in the tent to allow it to dry. As I don’t have a defined goal to be somewhere at a […]

Fact check…

The lesson of the day: check the fact…not only in politics.  Yesterday, the guy recommended me to to Limni because of the thermal bath.  I […]