Change in quest: stop posting

Since now a few weeks I am facing  some different situations… some more pleasant, some less. Some technically bound to the bike (3 tyres broken) or even to the blog, other issue are related to people. Some personal, some less.  And since a while I was thinking about it… tonight I have taken the decision after eyeopening talks with good friends: I will stop to (regularly?) post here for a while. I will continue to take some pictures and send them either by email or WhatsApp.  If you are interested as well, just contact me to get to get in … Continue reading Change in quest: stop posting

To Çakmak – heat and climbing 

After waking up by some wild dogs barking around the tent, I needed longer to start. That’s the challenge when having to wild camp in a country with a lot of Sheppards… there is movement you don’t recognise from scratch.  While having breakfast, a friend was a bit interested… 😉 The way down after a night is always more convenient then climbing directly.  I had breakfast at a gas station where I could “deliver” my contribution to the wild Camping place.  Kale was the next direction… With still a lot of field on that higher plateau (850m) And since long … Continue reading To Çakmak – heat and climbing 

To Tavas, gaining altitude to 1120m

After clarifying everything at the hotel, I could “finally” leave, even it was a bit late and I knew… the goal would be at 1120m altitude  When getting east wards, beside having a nice cycle way, you see as well the CableCar And it’s going up…. up there Last look on Pamukkale in the far back: Reaching the top at 1150m Where there is then a mic plateau  And my plan to stay after 38km Good night Continue reading To Tavas, gaining altitude to 1120m

Arriving to Denizli…

Today morning I was waking not so early thanks to have put the tent on the correct spot with the shadow from the trees in the morning.  So when I woke up at 7am, people were already working on the field. On a Sunday.  They invited me to come drink a Çai at their home… but when i had packed everything, i didn’t saw their house.  The road was a nice descent… with in the far something appearing.. a part of my goal.  But I had a doubt. Was I on the right way? ;/) The agriculture could be similar … Continue reading Arriving to Denizli…

To Burçakovasi…. front tire and a longer climb in the heat

I knew from the map I would have a longer climb today.. and I took it easy.. but a long time “friend” joined again… After over 8000km the bell broke nearly… And while starting to repair the old “friend” (front tire)… I wasn’t really accurate 🙁 But again… the nice and astonishing partners when the guy from the gas station came and without any asking, he just gave me a Çai (tea)  So i found a reason for the leak… And another one… I wasn’t sure if I could repair the tire, so I preferred to use a tube: And … Continue reading To Burçakovasi…. front tire and a longer climb in the heat