To Flensburg

3 Jul

Well… it had rained in the night and once again humans showed they non respect for others: talking loud beside a tent in which people are sleeping, slammering doors of cars (and many times not needed)

So after the coffee we headed towards Flensburg hoping for the grey clouds to stay put.

A nice three masts already after a few minutes. The weather was quite humid
After a while we had to leave the beach because of the small cliffs and the missing paths
But always happy to see those nice colours of different flowers and plants.
Back towards the beach: descent at 50km/h trailer, bike and the DaBrim hat were stable :-))
The camping just arriving before the beach
I guess a luck bringer? We were lucky to have had fresh fries in rasp oil and delicious ice :-))
Back on the track with nice purple colours inbetween the field
Well… rather Warberg (was hill) than Wahrberg (true hill) :o)
I guess we can say: we have found our luck. 🙂
A famous water castle belong to the Nordic royals and were some movies etc had been shot. You can rent it for 1000€ a day…
Nice place…
Shadow place were we were looking for the solution of the evening: where to sleep.
Just before shooting a picture, a guy who had to go to Hamburg had an issue with his e-bike: he had dropped the battery and now th battery wasn’t fitting in the frame. I took my tools out and untightened two little screws. It was fitting again, and working. He spent us 15€ :-)))
The path around the castle… could go all the way around.
And happy to see someone happy /-)
The favourite place of Henry VII of Denmark…
In directions of the beach, some statues had been put in the forest.
The second place where we started to look for hotels in Flensburg
Did someone want to smoke us? 😉
Finally we found a place… watch out booking etc: they know your history and will more likely show the more expensive hotels. On top of it , there is a price drop at 18h. I booked the last room.. yet seems to have been just before someone booked at the hotel. But since they were first , we got a free upgrade.
Walking around the Hafen to find something to eat.
One old exception of Flensburg… the rest of the town is way modern
Few meter later we found Peter Pane’s restaurant… we had ordered, the rain came so we moved the place to have some shelters while others went inside and because they have had issues at the kitchen and a very long delay: we ate for free. That was very fair (too fair!) from them.
After rain…
Two sunset with a few minutes difference

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