To Neukirchen / 56km

4 Jul

We did like Flensburg… so we tried to get the same fare form the hotel. Nope… they didn’t want because they said they would sell it anyway. So we left… even with some first dark clouds coming from west.

Last look back to the Flensburg harbour.
New housing on the other side where we had come from.
Ice breaker. Maybe where to meet you date the first day? 😉
After some climbing in Flensburg (50m? But with Bellona’s two side bags like the three days before) we finally got to the green border..

We had to look back to be sure to have just crossed it.
But after a few 100m we knew: that’s another atmosphere, another country.
Because I had not looked correctly on the map, we had to go back through the border, but it the good point:
We had the opportunity to take some more pictures
Even the flowers had Denmarks colours 😉
After a while we felt like 1000’s of km way more north: nearly no traffic, way less houses, more forests/trees between the fields…
We had bypassed the dark clouds in Germany via the north in Denmark
Just fully lucky to have good weather, and not feeling much of the wind (around 30km/h) that we were facing.
At one point the Danish-German came back: the gate to go to Germany. The field on the left is Danish, the one right of the bushes is German 🙂
Border way… that was our path/road. The first time for Bellona to be in Denmark. For about 20-30km 🙂
Even crossing some water
Well.. at one point we had to go back to Germany
Due to the strong winds, we used the motorbike tow Methode to make sure Bellona could get to our next target.
And seeing the entrance of tomorrow’s museum.
A building from 1650 …
When Moses on the rock knocked, it happened that water dropped. You will see a great wonder here: if you knock here at my place, you get a beer
A not so dark but quite nice one. 🙂

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