To Ribe/Vilslev: 74km

6 Jul

So… One person had some open project to finish, the other would continue cycling a bit. We will meet later again and continue to cycle.

It was time to say goodbye for a bit… and to look forward to meet again <3

In the meantime I had got an email from the customs: they wanted again to get the VAT for the stuff I had send back. Even I had declared them that I had bought them in Switzerland. 🙁

Finally back on the wheels: First stop was the next village with a little church.
Very simple…
The typical view with lots of wind.
Last village before the border..
…which was just a change in language.
But before I cycled in direction of the Wattenmeer in the hope to cycle on the dam as the weeks before.
Nice bird watching station
With different watch positions
To see many different birds. If you are there in spring or fall. 😉
The path to the station is a bit hidden but worth the detour.
The border between Denmark and Germany
And the gates are closed. One shouldn’t get there to avoid issues.
But a nice view on the watten sea.
View to the south… in the lower left corner: the car train that brings the tourists to the island Sylt.
First village and its mill: Højer
And following the bike path: little beach resort but looking closed.
Some arts for my <3
And a navigation sign I haven’t yet understood what it used for. 😉
The wind was slightly from ahead, the road had changed to gravel.
And still the typical houses 🙂
And and very nice surprise: shelter
Where one can stay for free for one night.
I think I will see that sign more often.
I was happy not be allowed to cycle on the dam: the wind was way less strong and nearly from tail. But it let me have a nice encounter: Hendrik, a Danish living in Germany and wanting to cycle his country to Skargen on his eBike.
He explained: old tombstones for which no one pays aren’t just removed: they are put all together in front of the graveyard.
The church of Brøns…
…was unfortunately closed.
We continued to cycle together: while the weather was changing, his goal was to soon arriving:
Denmark‘s oldest town:
With its dom. Second oldest danish church. (Oldest is near Schleswig/Germany)
Holy Georgios?
Danish reformer who met Luther
And the promenade of Robe
With coffees, ice creams…
First danish ice… and first thing to eat since breakfast
So we cycled some bit../ and I continued to find a shelter.
Where to young guys were already cooking. They were travelling by Kayak to the sea. 54km in three days. Very friendly… just the bloody fire and its smoke. Why? 😉
The lunch as supper. In the back the Wc house.
Even some digital infos!

No mosquitos.. and a dry tent. Good night!

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