To Wackerballig: 54km

2 Jul

The morning started on a very special way. The hotel we were into had had some issues. So I allowed myself to at least address them and hopefully avoid other guest the same experience. Well… I had thought maybe we could have had a little 10% reduction. But even after trying three times and joking if we should discuss that outside “as men” (with a big smile!) I couldn’t pay anything. The night was free. Thumbs up… It took long to get rid of the surprise!

Well… the other surprise was the fake ship: the rear wheel is turning even the ship isn’t moving. It’s just in the air :o)
Crossing the bridge: we had planned a back and forth to see both side of the Schleiermünde.
Special evangelical Lutheran church.
And then instead of following the main road, you discover some nice little spots.
I am quite sure those houses were sold when the ocean rises were pronounced 😉
The view to the other side of the Schleiermünde
And more of those vacation homes. It’s an amazing spot – if you have 5% of the houses. But like that? No thanks. 🙁
Yep: on the Baltic Sea.
View on the way back to Kappeln and its windmill
And discovering a little friend…. <3
The Schlei River
The little parkings of Maasholm
The bird watch station
With an exhibition of birds and eggs. Their goal is to keep and create protected areas. According to the guard, many people think that they can hike/bike to the Lighthouse and camping at the Schleiermünde: which is only reachable by boat/ship from Maasholm or Kappeln
Back in the dam..
Ferrari and carbon? We had to smile… ;/)
The Baltic Sea
And a good feeling. 🙂
The lighthouse of Falshöft
Bike path through forest and along the beach. Often protected areas
Big goats
Charlotte windmill
Inner water

The photographer… 😉

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