Impressions Mt Athos, day 2

15 Mar

While the religious guy where invited to wake up early in the morning to go to the mess, I was let in total doubt if I shall or if I am allowed to do so. I preferred to stay in bed as I wanted to pursue my goal of the day: Mt Athos.  

That was the old way of communication between the monastery. But car are easier…and allows to get more money. 

The weather stared to be colder…

And the first snow did appear 

Until being a lot of snow. I by-passed Romanian mountaineers who has the same in mind as me, but much better equipped. So slowlier as well. 

The Church and refuge before at the foot of the top:

Which place to sleep:

But because it was to cold, I had not the proper gear to walk more into the snow and because the view would have been bad on the top, the reason won and i decided to step back: i wouldn’t got up!

Some rain started….
And if you need some crosses…

Close to St Paul, another church needed to be build…

St Paul:

With a nice sunset after the shower… 🙂

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