Impressions of Mt Athos, day 1

14 Mar

First of al, here the “where to get more information” about that region:

Then you will need your entering paper for the half island. Like a Visum that allowsyou to stay there for 3 nights (for 30€)

Boarding the ferry… with the port in the background 

And not being alone… and yes: only men!

Some are feeding the birds…

While the majesty is appearing on the front: the Mount Athos in clouds. 

And at each monastery, the ferry stops for a few minutes

Until the finale destination 

Where most people are buying some “icons” and boarding the bus. 

The ferry:

And the speed boat:

I had to take the speed boat, while it was considered to “dangerous” to walk to Agia Anna… no it is not… they just were not thinking to be possible. My lesson…. don’t tell them the hole story. There was a barrier  and I wanted to be polite and ask if I was allowed to by pass to get there. Wrong question. 

Seeing Mt Athos motivated me to walk, so I went out earlier at Osiou Gregoriou Monastery

First view of the region near the St-Paul Monastery

And continuing  to Ag. Anna / with a lot of small houses around 
I could participate at the evening mess and afterwards see the religious relict (Anna’s hand) before getting some food and going to bed. Fortunately, there was one Greek Pilger knowing enough English to help me a bit out. 

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