Impressions Mt Athos, day 3

16 Mar

The third day had another goal: reaching the “capital” Karyes by foot. Around 21km

I had a first thought to the two mountaineers from Romania: they wanted to climb up on the 2nd day. The weather would have been in their favour. Some days later I met them again and they told me that they did not stay over night there and could not as well climb up. 

While leaving St Paul, a lot of noise from machine were to be heard. 

A one new little church after the other to be seen. the water tank was kind of hidden, but could be opened by bad people…

And some hope could be found:

Majestic Athos was to be seen and getting slowly clouded 

While AnteAthos already was and sent rain/snow clouds:

AnteAthos in Clouds:

And snow…

East side of 

And the sun sometimes warming a bit 

I wanted to avoid to many downs and ups and was hoping to be able to walk on the Crete to see both side of the half island. With the weather not so possible…

And encountering here and there some isolated houses that monks uses for meditation. Or so.  

Even God isn’t happy?

But Mother Nature have her wonders!

The dirt street changed to concert with steep slopes. 

And done in that way that water wouldn’t erode the soil to much. 

Finally arriving in reach of Karyes…. small luxury houses appearing. 

And the capital

And my goal: StAndrews Monastery. From outside looking very well…

But it is more of a ruin
Welcome drink… even they told us not to drink alcohol in the monastery : uso!

And after a first mess, the diner, were the orthodox were on one table while a monk was reading out of a book.  A nice experience… even I didn’t understand one single word beside “Amin”

And the other Christian baptised on his own table and his on personal Christ. 

Brocoli in sauce

Mushrooms, carrots and leech with creme

Sweet lemon pastry with another unknown and under taste as well as Kalvas

The best part 

And again the Ruine side of the monastery 

And not luxury bathroom at all. That’s when my digestion stops and I dint have the need to use it. 

The place of the mess. Not in the main but in aside church because the main one is kind of broken as well

I had to share the room with three Romanian Pilger. One was snoring to loud, the older other one needed (?) to put some wood back on the fire heater – even it was to hot. All room had a wood heater, not very efficient! As we had issues with the aeration a lot of smoke came in. That was the moment when I decided to get out of the room and go sleep on a balcony. My health (and sleep) were in danger. 

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