From Pournari to Amfiklia

27 Nov

Yesterday I was not sure if I should have continued the hill or not. But today, even having to start right “in the hill” I must say it was a good idea: the climbing would have been to much for the last night. 
But it started at least dry…

So while cycling up, I had several times to change myself… some drops and heating up due to the climbing. Church of 
And continuing to climb towards the Pass down to the Lamia:
And arriving in the luv side where some fog was coming up the hill. I now had a long part to cycling down… 🙂

Arriving in Lamia (haven’t found a very charming place)…. I was searching for an ATM 

And get some lunch….

After continuing…
For the German speaker: wenn Ihr nicht mehr sicher seid, ob es einen Komma hat oder nicht 😉 

I was tempted to stay in Ano Damasta before the climbing… but i fast feeling Good enough and wanted to be closer to Athen. 

The climbing is starting…

…having a view over the plane (which is 10-20m above see level)

And starting to enjoy the late sun and looking for possible alternative where to sleep (wild camping)

Arriving on the top, I had to change myself again and saw a bit later a direction to a hotel…which was closed (luckily, I could ring them before).
So I continued to cycling with my three lamps (one on the helmet to search for panels and dogs)

And in Amfilkia finishing the evening with a very long discussion about Greece, the Greek, the Turks and Europe with Costas…..

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