Amfiklia -Elefsina

28 Nov

It started very specially today: first by hearing the rest of the rain outside… then by a very good breakfast… and finally by looking outside and starting to see the sun…😊

The street was still a bit humid here and there:
Even some snow was to be seen:
Old Amphitheater directly in the stone
Monumen from an ancient battle:
st-Andrew church: new
And inside the old chapel 
Some clouds are starting to arrive 
Clouds are faster then me but there was a old cave to have a stop:
Interesting wind situation blocking the clouds:
And the darker sky trying to be faster than me:

I was there in the back 2 hours prior 
And my way is in the left in direction of the clouds in the mountain. I was hoping to reach at least the base of the mountain where Erythres was. So I could do some climbing the day before reaching Athens. 
Facing stronger head wind

Because the clouds were emptying themselves on the mountain, no rain fall on that side.

There was no hotel in Erythres. And I had not enough water to start cooking and have breakfast for be next day. There was two solutions 

  • going back 20km to Thiva 

-continue 20km to the next hotel. 
I took the third solution and continuing even longer to Elefsina at the coast. And the Wunder: nearly no rain… but flooted streets….

Fast and quickly… for once. 😇

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