To the north: arriving in FL – 84km

6 May

I couldn’t expect to have an even nice day as the day before. I am blessed. Thanks!

View from the tent…
Luxury and safe place: protected from and falling rocks.
The start of the Rhine gorge
Old and new bridge
Where the road comes from
Natural tunnel
The Rhine has carved deep gorges
View in direction of the west
Narrow road
Where the two Rhines are joining: Vorderhein and Hinterrhein (the one from the Oberalppass is just in front. The one from the st Bernardino is in back right. And the new Rhine goes to the left
Someone stole a bit of water for a while
And now the Rhine is full again.
Chur: city of the alps
Headwind… why can’t they stop the ventilators when there is a cyclist nearby?!? 😉
The Rhine towards Sargans with part of Liechtenstein to be seen on right
The Swiss fort ovations on the wall
The start of the Rhine valley 🙂
Signs from ancient time…
..all over the places!
Someone else with a trailer! 拾
Crossing into The Fürstentum Liechtenstein! 
The flags are waving…
Somewhere there someone should arrive…
Yesssss! 珞珞
Two of my darlings…
And two other darlings to finish the day 😉

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