Third day… rainy climbing, Furka Tunnel, Oberalppass, Waltensburg. 104km (minus 20km for the train)

6 May
Let’s get ready for a rainy day!
Would the train be an alternative?
Then I would have missed that!
Nice old village while climbing
Lucky day: the shop was closed, so I entered the coffeeshop where cheese cake was waiting for me. And nice discussions 
And at the end: a free Easter bunny! 
Well… there was only one possibility…
I arrived at the car train… just in time with 7 minutes to board…
And discovered that I had to take the normal train 45min later. An unfortunate cyclist had fallen while cycling out the train. WTF… it’s really easy. Why making the train company liable!?
Let’s go!
The old track…
Preparing to plug the snow away…
And going down…
Switzerland’s smallest village?
Well.. not very big!
Andermatt? Bern plus? Berlin plus? 😉
Andermatt’s safety!
Typical Swiss word 
Climbing The Oberalppass
View to the Furka
If you need some steel beams..
Looking back
Avalanches and sand from storms
The tunnel before the pass
Typical Switzerland:

Trains need to clean their shoes! 😉

Reaching the top!
The highest light house?
The way down…
Frozen fingers…
Way better with gloves and jacket.
Interesting ornaments
The old bridge.. 🙂
The mountain came down there..

Place for the night. Bomb proved 

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