To Aliaga to get rest…

20 Jun

It had to happen…. my real first mistake on wild camping. After loosing the fresh water and having only 600mlnof sweet drink. And then I should have been further away from the road (trucks were loud, even 100m away) and further away from the track since it three sheep groups were passing by during the night. Fortunately the shepherd was friendly – just wondering what the reflective material of my bike was and let me sleep.  But I barely slept more than 60min at once. 

New Moschee with “different” minaret…

And the washing station with a little detail 😉

For once not Mr Attatürk …

But here the Father of the Turks:

And and a nice fountain close to the sea 

When then the journey continued towards the south

With a sign I would not have expected:

And when arriving close to Aliaga, I wanted to avoid the road… but then you have to be villigent!!

Finally got a room…

Something to eat 

While another way of Kebap: with real fire

And now ready of ready to go to sleep! :-))

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