Captain Georges is leaving Lesbos late evening

19 Jun

After having spent a relaxation weekend (no cycling after 5 days in row) on Lesbos, I had to left the island in the evening. Yes, there are only one ferry in the morning, one in the evening from each side. 

So the cycling on Lesbos was nice… sunny and not too hot:

And with very Greek landscapes: olives, olives, blue sky, white clouds… and did I mention the olives? 😉

The castle of Mitilini:

And the old town with narrow streets:

And then after the boarding procedure:

And some talk with the first officer, I was invited to the bridge… to take over the ship:


After the passport control, again some cycling: I wanted to enjoy the night tail wind and was in form…
And finally i found a place to stay… after about 20km. But a new lesson: the bottle below the lower bike tube can be destroyed easily if there is an (unseen) barb wire on the road and cut it through. The bottle was empty in 3 seconds. 

So no cooking tonight! Only sweet Greek sesam cookies 😉

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