To Ayvalik…the end of the journey in the group

15 Jun

After breakfast…. the topic of the day was set:

Climbing up the 275m back of yesterday….

Climbing done! 🙂

Some shelters for sheeps and goats…were those houses in ancient time? (Like in Greek time? (-;)

After 8km I arrived at the city of Aristotle : Assos or today Behramkale

Ancient water reservoirs:

And the rest of some of the towers and walls:

As well as the rest of the temple Athina on the acropolis 

The four friends joined me a bit later since they already had seen the site:

And later I left them at a camp ground and heading towards the clouds:

Some clouds telling something… so I made a stop to drink and rere-fix the tire…

Which was a good idea since rain had fallen ahead as preguessed 

And the boy was happy not to cycle in the rain 🙂

Founder of the new Turkish Republic: father of the turc Attatürk:

Possible by cycle, not by car:

And hoping that such a tire explosion will never happen beside me!

Finally in Ayvalik:

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