To the camping of Bektas

14 Jun

So the day started in near heaven situation: as yesterday in the calm place surrounded by the wineyard.  

We cycled towards the ferry and arrived well in time to shoot some additional pictures:

The ferry started…

I used the time to refill the sealant of the tire:

And posing as a foto model 😉

While the journey continued along the sea. 

By-passing some ancien ruin quite similar to Greece. 

And some searching for some ruins we didn’t found. 

But it seems like in Greece where there are all over “signs of ancient time” quite everywhere. 

And the vegetation reap. landscape changed again to a more dryer region:

And even to an arid region with clear geothermal activities…

And some nice geological layers of different colours:

When after five km the green was more dominant again. 

Finally in Gülpinar we made a break after a huge steep ramp (parts at over 17%) and having seen the Apollon temple :ülpınar-apollon-smintheion

Well… the point I was fearing a bit: descent of 250m… which would have to climbed up again tomorrow morning: 

And the view before supper at the camping:


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