What a day…. hihihi

16 Feb

The day started quite normal with Katina delay in breakfast. But i felt good because I slept much better then the two nights before. 

So just before starting, I thought I would control the pressure of the tires and add some air… 38 psi… as usual. 

Later like 7km later I heard a Big Bang and felt some wrong with my front wheel. I stopped fast, luckily without falling and damaging the rim: I was cycling on the rim. 

I friendly older man helped me, brought his pump, but it didn’t helped so I I had to walk a few meter to a garage to pump it (normal insider technical practice when not having tubes in the tire). I brought it back out everything together and had baklava (the friendly woman had her Daughter in Zürich and she made me a special lower price). 

Everything was nice, just that i forgot to put back some cable for the light. So now I needed to find a new plug. Ok, no problem should be at each technical store. While going there the tire bang again. Again working on the street…

I went then to a shop. Tried it with another pump … at two bars, a bang again. Now I knew the tire was damaged. It should held 3bars. 

The friendly people from the shop helped me and soon I was on the road again. But had lost nearly 3 hours. 

I felt very good… I guess mainly because of the sun and the meeting of nice people. 

I was cycling towards the north and the snow… when the thermometer felt under 2°C, i decided to put the tent soon. After only 30km. Sometimes… it must be 
Good night, Venus is waiting outside at around 0°C

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