Nice meeting 

17 Feb

Lately, having no direct goal to reach, I have to learn to accept that my days are now finally much different then before ever. Additionally, my fitness is by far not there where it was.. 

so today I woke very late: I wanted the sun warming the tent to avoid standing up while it is cold. Tonight I will try an app to setup the tent differently. 🙂

So yes, I only started at 11h30… lazy lazy 😉

The direction was set: Prokopi and the church of St John. His body is exposed under a glass… and it is said that he turns his said he want to have the clothes changed… well… or the people who change his clothes turn his head each time. 

After the visit, a real elleniko cafe sketo diplo sto gazaki was needed… 🙂

The way in direction north was quite ok and with much less win as expected. It felt nice to finally have the sun again on the skin…lovely!

Later, I was just wanting to have a 5min rest and take a graine bar.. and a worker of an olive factory (they process and pack them). He was interested in where I came from and where I was heading to. Yes, as well what job, how I can afford it, and so on…

He told me to regress 1.5km and go in direction of Limni, where there should be thermal sources. And less altitude and beautiful way along the sea… we will see 

But I would like to stay one more night in the tent….and at 17h30, it was already 5° and 0°C at 18h30. Ready for good night!

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