To Durmersheim… – 64km

17 May

The start of the day was quite special. First we heard some communal workers coming and wondering that there was a tent “in that place”. We had seen the camping sign the evening before. And there was a “no cycling sign” straight so we had taken a left turn. The (what we thought as) camping amenities were closed and had seen no one.

After some “emotions” between the workers and me, one of them came back when I was outside the tent : we had a nice friendly chit chat and discovered that the camping would have been at the other end of the lake. Since we hadn’t use their place, we could go free of charge 🙂

Someone ‘s happy about some french sweets? /-)
Something new for me: strawberry croissants
Pas de pitié pour les croissants;-)
A delicious one… 😉
Followed by another one 🙂
That artisan knows his business! <3
So we left Gambsheim: thank for the Ukraine!
And being back on the Rhine dam
While someone got cold sitting in the shade… while the thermometer was showing 32°C
Ship dealing with cars…
Already 333km from just behind Basel
Empty sluice
Beside the damn and the sluice, humans collect sand close by a concrete factory
Hoi Heini! Lieben Gruss!:-)
Hi M 😉 lieben Gruß auch hiermit 😉

Cooking on the camping in Durmersheim. Really a nice camping, friendly, just beside the communal swimming pool and quite from 20h, even it’s nearly “in the town”: if you are around: go there!

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