To Philippsburg, by Karlsruhe -73km

18 May

Quite amazed how quiet the camping was…

The day started with a “special power Müsli “…. Seeds, berries, oil….

And it’s Bellona in the bush with bike day… 😉

Greetings to someone very special… *hug*
We had heard that the region had some breweries… well that one was into fermentation too… but not the same taste: vinegar! 🙂
S we were recommended by a worker to try the Kühler Krug, which still has its own brewery.
Very very nice and tasty!
Even a special event room..
Nice streets of Karlsruhe
Direction of the palace…
With some antic buildings
Bicycle streets
Here we are… could be a lovely camping! 😉
Bloody cyclists everywhere :o) <3
Thrown and Queen…
Thrown and joker? :o)
Heading to the north on a loooong straight path
All in the forest..
Until someone realised: the water bottle had stayed at the brewery. Let’s have a 10km sprint without trailer
The end of the forest path…
…and waiting to cross the Rhine
By ferry!
Arriving to Germersheim
With its old fortifications
And continue to be radiating 😉
View 30m from the tent on the camping…
Eating and sunset… on a quite loud (road nearby) camping

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