To Worms -78km

19 May
While some people are in their car waiting the jam to be dissolved… 😉
The Rhine with a large tourist ship…
Another Bundesland…
The Dom to Speyer…
With the Ölberg memorial…
The Dom..
Some of the holy from ancient time
Built between 1030-1061
With the kings of the times
I was surprised to see a relatively “sober” church with not that much gold and other designs.
As a signs for the many crowns?
Ancient reliquaries
Massive door!
The Vatican colours
And the remaining north gates
Finally back on track near the Rhine
And arriving to the industrial Ludwigshafen
With massive chemistry (greetings to BASF et al)
Nice ancient bridge that could have been a good stealth camping place with protection from rain.
Do you need a tractor?
When nature has a show…
When humans tries to make a better show than nature ;/)
Arriving in Worms with the Nibelungen Bridge

The Wormser Dom…

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