22nd day: to Tekija; 97km 633 climbing metres

1 Oct

We were looking forward for today: it should bring us through the 2nd Danube canyon. 

The weather started with some omen against us: head wind and clouds…how would the day be? There was some forecast with rainy Sunday or maybe Monday evening… but it went better the whole day. 

The first goal was the castle that is being repaired. In a few years, it must be amazingly nice. 

Heinz took the lead against the week the first km so it was easier for me. More and more the weather changed ending with a nice sky and less wind. But the climbing started as well. Much fewer boats were to be seen on the Danube-lake. The few long tanker we could see were not alone but at least two of not three or four together. May be to save power or cost as it certainly needs a captain with special skills can lead the boats through the most narrow place of the canyon, which can less than 220m (but we don’t know how deep it is there)

When the canyon starts to get smaller, it’s even more impressive ! Even if you have to cycle 21 tunnel that have no illumination, but wide enough. In such case, I’m happy that I’m cycling always cycling with light. 

Just before reaching the top of the highest point, there is a giant sculpture of an ancient king on the Romanian side. Unfortunately, the sun was behind the face and it wasn’t possible to a picture of it. Get more info here:


(Made between 1994-2004)

Finally we arrived at the camping at the Danube in Tekija which is free… we decided to eat at the restaurant which close tonight. 

Now ready to sleep and listening to the ships cruising bye..


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