21st day: to Golubac; 80km, 230 climbing metres

30 Sep

Frankly: it was a bad start in the day!

The pension where we stay did lie to us on all way… wrong price, no breakfast available and more. So bad that we paid and left. 

We ate breakfast at the 200m near Pension Palazzo , where we guess it is the place to stay: 1000 dinar and not 1700 like the other joke and they serve breakfast (240 dinar) and are very friendly. 

But from then on, all went well. We cycled north east, discoverering a new type of vegetation (dryer grasses) saw some cows here and there and arrived to the Danube canal, which we followed on the dam. Heinz a bit slower because his old fork doesn’t look very promising. 

We arrived at the ferry to the other side of then Danube (still Serbia) where we first drank something. Not very friendly folks, so we changed to the next restaurant for lunch : much better! 🙂

Then after crossing the Danube, there was first climbing and then quite a nice landscape but roads with lots of holes in side. So always ready to swap around them. 

As the previous days, rich and poor houses were alternating: from very basic even falling apart houses to very expensive ones. 

Finally, we decided to end the the at the Goluca: nice view on the next day’s attraction: entering the gorges of the Danube. It looks very promising! 🙂

If only mankind would start to care about Mother Earth including the river, it could be a delicious place!

New ferry between Romania and Serbia that should have open in June 2016….
Unfair place in Kovin…bad shower, and doubling price over night!

The friendly and fair place found in Kovin:

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