20th day: to Kovin, 82km, 713 climbing metres

29 Sep

After a very well night, We woke up with around 9°C and windy condition. 

We planned to have breakfast in Beograd and started cycling quite early. Unfortunately, we took one of the main roads instead of a more hidden one. 

After 12km, we arrived at the Main Street of Belgrad which was starting to get full. We choose a terasse in the sun to warm up and had breakfast. 

After some sightseeing, we decided to leave town: we were not that convinced and wanted to leave. 

As usual when living a larger city we needed much more time, which brought us to a cadence of 12-15km/h instead of 20 or more. 

Er followed the recommended road of a local we met the day before, because the Danube cYcling road was on a dirt/gravel road. But the road we choose had two larger ramp to climb and wasn’t really nice and a long time away from the Danube, which we had to cross again. 

Finally, we arrived at Rovin, a dirty, small town with nearly no place to eat or sleep. We found a pension. Very cheap. But not more: the shower is included with the rat room


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