23rd day, to Negotin; 84km, 393 climbing meters

2 Oct

The day started not as planned: we could not have breakfast…and the tent were wet due to the humidity, even i had try to protect it. On top of it: because I had put the tent as near as possible under the Ombrella, the ground was not flat and was was often faking down the mattress. 

So has we had to wait for the tent to dry, we cooked some breakfast and left at around 10h30. 

Both of us weren’t in our best day: Heinz having “no legs” and me “no head/heart” for pedalling.

So after some more breaks and coffee as usual, we were back on track, me trying to give some wind protection from the front so it would be easier for Heinz. 

In the end we found a nice pension in Negotin, at our higher price limit. But we are ready for one day off…



The iron gate:
The castle Diana:
Abit in side of the Serbia, 60m higher than the Danube, 
No, we are not that hot that we started one of the many fires:
8%climbing ahead:

Fountain in Negotin:

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