To Suisdorf / 114km

18 Jun

The day started in the forest at 25° (!). Did I slept well? Let’s say I was tired enough to sleep at least a bit. After a short coffee and some peanut butter bread, I head back to the channel to the north. Not knowing yet what amazing two nearly retired couple I would meet.

There were still some meters to have two more locks.
And yes, where there is a barrier, a bridge needs to be build.
Or two…
Or three;-) That one was the one over the Trave. From here it’s not the channel anymore but the Trave.
Entering into the Lübeck over a bridge with statues…
And being saluted by the main door.
A feeling of Berlin…
And the main door from the rear.
Market place
Town hall: can be visited, but I would have had to wait some hours.
The rebuild Holy Mary Church
Which asked four Euro entrance fee. I hesitated….
Nice dramatic setup from the old bell
And picture from war time 🙁
They have even rebuild the planetarium
Not so my taste
And surprised to have Bremen in Lübeck.
Maybe the reason why some cities aren’t straight : build on sand. Seldomly works on the long time.
And the exit I chose to leave the city
By the harbour and building: a very nice differ to the Rhine. Here it’s silos, not chemistry
Well… let’s climb on the mountain…
To see the Bismarck column/ view point.
With cute little inhabitants 🙂
Then I chose to cycle to Eutin
Which seemed unusually empty.
But with nice lakes around.
And tracks through the forest.
And looking back shows: still missing the important one.
While the south of Germany had over 35°, it was quite nice in the shadow. Even the trail wind wasn’t beneficial
Someone had done a very nice wall… I like that one!
Well… and then you arrive to “one house” where there are many houses! 😉
Cyclist joke: I guess that’s where the Gramm lovers go to strip weight from their bike?
Arriving into Oldenburg for a second ice cream….
Really? What coincidence…

The next pictures are dedicated for some really special and who will recognise itself.

And finally the sea!
With a mansion and two not fitting hangars to its side ?
Some people having fun…
And the bridge.
Hum… not really cycling friendly
Sometimes it’s better not to see
But than you miss out the important
Not the one of Zurich where the Opera is… <3
Two days no showers
Some soup? 😉
And coffee the next morning.
<3 when you arrive and two people offer you coffee or tea and a Butterbrot. And luckily no beer… even if I don’t miss due to last Tuesday

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