To krummesse /95km

17 Jun

A great technical day: seeing the lift that lift up/down the 6000 tons heavy and 100m long Bassin over 38m.

We had been recommend by Achim as well to look at the Kaiser Willhelm: a Steam boat from the 1908.

But the day started totally differently. Some issues to find the correct way into Lüneburg – a town full of not straight walls / an omen? – and while having breakfast at a bakery: the topic was different and I had to hear that I have to continue alone. ;-( and more accurate tons of :…-(

Yes, I don’t like to be interrupted when I try to explain something. Yes, we were slow and way slower as the test rides we had. I am used that we find solutions: a couple shouldn’t be together to travel somewhere but because they decide to look in the same direction.

A very important person is missing. It hurts…
Where the channel meets the Elbe
Other cyclist went the wrong way as well and needed to go back up the dam.
I thought first: is that the boat?!
But then the old smoker appeared
They were reconstructing a bridge… but we’re not able to put signs correctly. Some extra muscles pains… it felt good to cover the other ones.
The first /last lock on the new channel..

Good night with the owls… never heard one so loud. Ouhhhhhouhhhhhhh. Let’s hope to find some sleep

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