To the Forellenhof / 58km

1 Jun

We started with a nice breakfast and with mixed feeling as we would let Hilde behind. Even in the morning the discussion were nice, kind and interesting.

Cycling over the Rhine dam
And as from Hilde recommended: we took the small people/bicycles ferry to crosse over to Rees instead of the busy bridge.
Welcoming crew in Rees
And the stealth rider still hanging on 🙂
One of the caption said: it survived the massive rain storm, but not the imbecility of a few humans.
Don’t we sometimes all feel like that?
Bye bye Rhine… we are heading eastward while you go ahead to the Netherlands and the Nordic Sea
Some clouds were raising… drops felt, but luckily: we had tail wind. 🙂
Church to Bocholt…
…and its townhouse
Did they try to copy the Geneva fountain? 😉
Castle Borken
With its fortification inside.
And arriving to the fish farm where the deers are living freely, but aren’t shot.
Quite large exemplars
Fished the same morning
And a smoked one. A bit more exclusive super, as a deal for free setup of the tent.
Covered tent place… in front of the pond where many fly fishers were used to fish.

Good night!

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