To Xanten – thank you Hilde and Guido <3 / 36km

31 May

We had got the tip to cycle over Xanthen. A very good tip 🙂

Well.. somehow we even met (another) Guido 😉
At the first glance I thought have lost the direction… are we so close of the alps? Or was it just a hill that people would see as a mountain? Quite possible in that flat region 🙂
Just before Xanthen in Birten, romans had as well had an amphitheater… with a lot of imagination and help from concrete, one can try to see it.
We were very positively surprised about that little unknown city of the north Rhine.
At the back of the back of StVictor Dome
Holy Victor Dome
Modern Organ that replaced the old one
Lots of chapters that can be folded back and put away in case of urgencies
The overview of Colonia Ulpia Traiana aka Xanthen
The reconstruction of the rest of the Roman Tempel
How they build up the limes and old houses. Just before we had to flee because of the rain
Reconstruction of two ancient boats that were found in the wet soil.
Reconstruction of the wall: the bushes are symbolic for the wall. And yes: very clever marketing: you can’t see anything (important) without paying the entrance.
And spending time with such a lovely and knowledgeable lady. Thank you soooo much Hilde! :-))

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