30th day: milestone and royal stage to Constanta; 150km and 1240 climbing meters

13 Oct

We were hoping for good weather conditions and were surprised….

First because we expected sunny weather but it stayed quite cloudy – without any drop of rain. Secondly because we had all day tailwind. 

One knows how it’s then much easier to cycle 150km and climbing over 1000m even when your bike is loaded. 

It came out, we had several good decisions in row 🙂 

But we could have it may be even easier by following a bit longer the Danube and then going east following the channel. But the chance of rain would have been higher: some dozen of km more south, nearly no clouds were to be seen. 
All started by crossing the Danube again: from Romania to Romania. And it was feeling warmer than it was (8°C)
Another way of Ferrry: the trucks are perpendicular to the ship:
Herr the trucks are sitting back, instead than in the same direction of the boat:

Climbing light and seeing a side arm of the Danube. 
And the (only?) problem when having no chain on the bike:
Once up again:
Some of the winery’s 

Last time we saw the “official” Danube:
One of many monastery, all orthodox:
No more 100km to get there:

Typical: animals on the side of the road:
Another Orthodox Church with golden roof:
One of many corn storages. The south east part of Romania is very very rural with field kilometres long…
Ancient roman Wall and on the hill, a memorial for the fight in 100 A.D.
The wall is mainly made of kind of wash Bassins:
A special construction: seems to be because of the wind coming from west:
Going down direction see level :
Train bringing the need stuff for the land (ammonia and others) and taking the corn:
The first Moschee we saw east of Vienna…
The motto of the day: we wouldn’t have done it without it:
Very last time crossing the Danube: 
Saluting ship before Constanta:
And arriving there:
Black Sea in the back:

Well… there will be a short break: I will fly back home but be back in one week to continue the ride. That time alone (To my current knowledge 😉)

2 Replies to “30th day: milestone and royal stage to Constanta; 150km and 1240 climbing meters

  1. Glückwunsch! Super Sache! Ihr seht ja ganz schön zufrieden aus:-) Wäre ich auch an eurer Stelle:-)

  2. Congratulation. First milestone, looking forward for the second one. Impressing journey and amazing pics. All the best. Dino

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