To Hirtshals / 81km

13 Jul
The day started with a strange feeling in the stomach. So I had a tea (rare) instead of a coffee Feeling from having eaten some bad or a bad feeling?
What I had posted the day before…
The short washing of the evening before
Then I first had “lost” the Branche of my glasses and it’s screw
But found and fixed everything 🙂
How does the lawnmower looks like?
It’s the official road…
Highway on the beach!
Finally something for my stomach
Postcard 1.3€ and post stamp: 4.5€ !!!!
Rubjerg Sand dune
MTB? 😉
Too much wind
Prisme /light game through the lighthouse when looking up
The camping was full… no more place
Use a hammer to split wood for the fire. Safer then an axe
Even well covered: all with sand from the storm

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