To Skagen: 60km

14 Jul

The very nice thing of the day: after having reach the most northern part of Denmark, I met again the Danish couple Jakob and Annette who I had met the last days several times and who I had got some tips. They were bikepacking with their fat bikes and we had caught each other several time. So NICE! Thank you soo much for the discussions and the tips!

But the day started differently: After a bad night (4G issues and not able to talk to my love and solve some stuff) I woke up with a new surprise:

Luckily removed.
Strong wind let the bike fall
Second try
Flame Rouge? Not really
Thanks universe… I hope 
On the way further north
Well… normally, normalos would stop here.
But one would want to shows to his bike: Where the Nordic and Baltic Sea meet
Others go there the east way.
That’s where you can’t go further
One feet more or less in both seas
Behind me: no more land.

On the way back: it felt as if the water was raising. I took a hotel room…

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