Sometimes there is no other options to give up..

16 May

…and turn back because nature is stronger!

After a rainy night: How nice to start with a nice butterfly….

Even when there are some less nice spots.

But the “music” of the day was set quite fast: climbing…

The nature was as well very green and less and less cars and trucks were to be seen

To be sure I filled the bottles of water… and since I have a water filter, I used it as well

The view over The Valley to the south in direction of Drama

And the pass above 900m over sea

The other side of the valley is mainly used by the artificial lake for electricity production. My goal was to reach the barrage….

That region seems to be more visited in summer as there was a lot of parks for family with children and playgrounds

The artificial lake:

And some summer snow 😉

A sign that I don’t like…. and nobody around to ask:

Some snow on the mountain, which as as well a ski resort

And after some kilometres, I was feeling like on the Jura at home.

Beside the meeting with those folks who only understood the alpha language (and my stick)

And then came what I didn’t wanted:

The dead end of the road..

A huge landslide had stopped the road completely. I went walking a bit to understand… there was noway, not for cyclists and even not for hikers.

So I had to turn back

And after by passing the dogs finding a place to relent close by a church…. I was exhausted!

Good night!

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