Back to close to Kavala

18 May

As the last riding day was a bit to hard (1600+ climbing metres), I had yesterday a day off and used the time to do some washing and collect some garbage as a contribution to the water I used. 

The neighbor invited me for a coffee after a talk in front of the church.  

And of course… a German speaker by cycle in such a quite and nice region was a highlight. So all remembered their German. 🙂

After sweets, cookies, bred and coffee, the sky started to be a bit darker and the temperature felt. So I went back to my tent and cooked something 
The next was set: go back in direction of Drama and Kavala to get the weekend on Thasos and wait for the parcel. 
A similar tree to the one that gave some snow some day earlier : 

And after some 450m of climbing, a long way down: 

And a coloured spot I wanted to photograph since I had to be slowlier than the bus in front of me to avoid heating up my brakes:

Drama…. yes…it is a drama :nothing special to look at. Or I didn’t found it 😉  

Just before Lydia, there was a career where they got the white stone:

But as well the other side of Greece and many other countries:


Lydia is at the north or west entrance of the archeological site of Philipi (UNESCO site). Some kind of  a real open air museum:  

In my case the museum was really open because of the international museum day. I had planned to find a place to stay before the museum…but then I entered… and took the exit on the other site :


As there was no real wild camping spot before Kavala, I had to take plan B….

Sleeping in the forest above Kavala:


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