Cycling and Camping on Thasos

23 May

After a few days in the hotel, I started with some rain drops to cycle south of the Thasos Island. The goal: find the Giola pool and a place to put the tent. 

I wouldn’t go to the Giola by bike. The road is too steep and private(from 10-20h open). You can’t park really the bicycle there as the last metres to the bar-cafe-restaurant are closed. So you need to let it away. 

Even by car: either you need to do the detour, or use dirt roads. The one in the east can’t be driven by normal car. 

Is it worth? Well the pool looks clean and have even fishes inside but as well Sara urchins. I wouldn’t want touch one… especially when jumping in or getting out. TheTemperature is very similar to the one from the sea… 

Happy to have reach the road again…  it drained!

And another over 18%:

Clear waters with fishes :

Be aware not to hurt yourself on the spikes:

Over 19% steepness !

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