To Mersovo

22 Nov

The way to Metsovo was just as different as I thought…. 

Ok, the first 15km were: flat and easy going.  It then came the climbing. It seems that the Greeks like it straight and steep. 

The view in direction of Ioannina:

Reaching the first pass

Where I let drop the Fon at 45km/h

Arriving down in the plain and going up again:

Unforgettable: the fog coming over the mountain..

With the highway taking much place:

Arriving in Mersovo: my first idea was to camp outside after having bought some famous local cheese and seeing the town. But… I was a bit late, it was colder as thought and the town was very nice: it remembers me to the one from the Alps especially Savoyard. Many houses mad of stone and ready to wait for the winter ski season. 

The typical pie…
And the typical lamb liver dish

And cheese…including smoked one:

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  1. Salut Georges, je viens de t’accompagner sur ques km, magnifiques photos de ton voyage et ton expérience est fantastique. Je te souhaite une bonne continuation et à bientôt, je t’embrasse. Bonne route Daniel do

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