To Meteora

23 Nov

When I woke the sun was already waiting… blue sky and fresh air. I knew I had to climb a bit more, but I hadn’t expected that much and reaching the 1700m over sea. The highest up to now with my travelling baby Reefi. 

Highlands on the right that is at the bottom of a little Skilift 

View over Metsovo:
Ice for a drink? I was happy to cycle up here and not down!!‚Äč

And still climbing a bit..,

Leaving Epira

Don’t drive to fast.. you may have surprises!

Nearly fortress villa, from the time the tunnel was not existing. Dead locality. 
The descent is quite long… just a few upfhill in between, but the wind isn’t favourable. 

Might those the hills I was looking for?
But the road continue in another direction…
Oh, but here a monastery on a rock… 

naaaah… nice but not what I should be seeing…

And here still not:

But around the corner then that:
Hmmm that might be ….

Wow, by the magnificent Universe!!!! What is that…. yeeeeees! 
Getting closer…

And getting closer to civilisation means as well getting closer to garbage and dogs:

Really looking forward to be there….

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