Impression of Ioannina and Island

21 Nov

The day was discovering a bit the city, but mainly going to the isle in the lake of Ioannina. 

Ioaninna is one of the place where people from but as well against the Ottoman were  living. 

There was a bit fog quite late:

The fortress has more recent houses, that do not really fit to the old walls:

Two (old) Moshes with minarets are on the edges of the fortress

They knew how to defend themselves 

That moshe act as Museum with three parts: Christianism, Judaism and Muslims some ancient clothes

The harbour to go to the island:

700 years old tree

And the museum of the Greek hero Ali Pasha who fighter against the Ottoman 

Little cave where heroes did hide. 
Strange: such a small island have a few cars on it, some houses and parcels are falling apart. 

The hidden school in one of the monastery. Beautiful paintings 
Path to walk around the island.. quite, peaceful, and beautiful 
Way back..

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