To Ioannina

20 Nov

After a short night – no idea why – it started in the shadow of the mountain again at around 4°C. 

After few Kilometer I was happy (yep, really!) to get on a nice slope up: it was between 3-5% and in the sun. All I needed to get warm again. 

On the top, I again made the striptease I’ve learnt from Heinz: remove clothes before it goes up, on the top, wear something dry, then a windbreaker and on top of it the wet shirt. Normally, when you arrive down the hill it is dry again. There you change yourself again. A bit much changing but keeps you warm and dry. Thank you again sooo much Heinz!!
Starting with real breakfast after two days in tent:

And still some fog in the back of The Valley:

The old bridge:

Climbing….the start was right of the dark mountain in the back

When you wish to have your MTB and go up there to the snow!

Ioannina is in the back, middle to right. 
A few km to Athen… oh, isn’t the straight way always the best? Back to east!

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