To Konitsa

19 Nov

I was quite tired… as a woke only at 10am… may be as well because I hadn’t put the tent in the shade of a little house. 

But it is the beauty not to be in hurry and allowed to enjoy the day… with coffee, porridge and the sun. 

Again here as well some war memorial. But that time as well for women had to endure…
The village is situated on different places and height. Left up and right down 
Ice on the rocks?
Approaching the pass:

Fun must be.. even at only 1350m altitude

Ready for the other side
And just around the corner of a turn, you discover a village in a total different environment: sand instead of rock

With the eroding sand hills:

And nature working its way back
And then the river gets larger and larger… it must be quite extreme what amount of rain is falling and canalised here:
Last climbing up:
And finally a diner at the hotel after washing the clothes 🙂

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