Kastraki To Pournari

19 Nov

The decision was taken: I had to head a bit faster to the south as bad weather was coming, including snow and one of my flight was booked. 

So the day started not as I wanted because I had forgotten something in the camping main room that was locked. (The camping owner are only there in the evening). With a delay of four hours, I headed to the south with high fog and be confident to have taken the right decision: it was not good weather for pictures. 

A last look in direction of the meteora mountains…
And looking to south: there might be some others around:
I stopped by another church and again, I had some good positive moments with the “church Mum” who was caring of the church. 

Interesting part: non religious women care for the Building, but they are not allowed to go behind the last, mostly golden part. Men can do only by entering right or left, while the middle entrance is reserved for priest. Priest in the Orthodox Church can have children…and have nice descendance trees…
Arriving in Trikala:
And some km to the next goal:

A former Moschee that has been transformed into a kind of exhibition place

Where the money should go but don’t arrive:

Take a deep breath, use your glove as a basic filter and go through it….
Rain is back… making it harder but still being happycheap, final destination of the day

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