To Burçakovasi…. front tire and a longer climb in the heat

1 Jul

I knew from the map I would have a longer climb today.. and I took it easy.. but a long time “friend” joined again…
After over 8000km the bell broke nearly…

And while starting to repair the old “friend” (front tire)… I wasn’t really accurate 🙁

But again… the nice and astonishing partners when the guy from the gas station came and without any asking, he just gave me a Çai (tea) 

So i found a reason for the leak…

And another one…

I wasn’t sure if I could repair the tire, so I preferred to use a tube:

And repaired the bell:

So that after a longer time I was finally ready. 

The nebuliser are working fine… if you stay long around them. Unfortunately they were not mobile to take away 😉

Denizli was in reach… but to far to be reach – especially with a climbing. Since I had to be only ok Monday in Denizeli, all was fine. 

Looking back down to the plain and then i decide to make a break in the shadow. 

When I finally started again and reached the top, another landscape appeared again with lot of agricultural fields:

Special meeting on the road…

And a village away from the main road

When then a Shepard offers you a few pears he did get just before…

So then i found the place to stay with view on the barrage lake

And enjoyed the evening before going to sleep. 

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