To Alasehir… after no real sleep

30 Jun

What a night… I’m not sure to have slept more than 1h in a row…

So the first km were not on the smile side…

At least until getting my breakfast at a bakery along the road. And coffein as dopant. 

Some olive trees as competition to the Greek ones 😉

And then after a while to police officer finishing their shift and spending me a drink…:

And then more than a drink :-))))

So the journey continues with rural landscapes and increasing temperatures. Fortunately there are enough gas station that are watering their plants so I could have wet clothes. The trousers were dry again in 8 minutes 

Wineyard and one of m favourite tire brand:

And more wineyard 

And rising temperatur in the sun, but with aeration. 

Turkey is really well prepared for higher temperatures. They have a lot of water points… as I wasn’t sure if it’s drinkable (and I had enough on the bike) I used it to cool down. 

In the shadow of his truck a friendly driver speaking some good German was starting the conversation. Sooo nice :))

After 84km, I finally arrived in Alasehir where I found a hotel… and asked for sure about the climatisation 😉

And got a tea (Çai) offered. 

Good night – someone needs rest 😉

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