To Turgutlu: Heat wave increases

29 Jun

As usual…. leaving a larger city isn’t so easy: you have to find the best compromise between fast and not to big road. 

So then you bypass the Turk Beer Factory (just beside Efes)

And the temperature rises. 

So soon after I wanted to make a sun break:

And getting a new helmet 😉

The guy from the fuel station had some pity for me and spent a drink (and because they got the other half of the water melon) 🙂

After having switched the Air Condition “on” ( = water on clothes) the climbing could continue 

… to arrive to the east valley of Izmir where many factories are located. Concrete, chemistry….

And yes, it was warm… 🙂

Finally I arrived in the evening in Turgutlu and found a hotel..: first I thought a good shot…

After the shower, I went to the local “Mensa” and ate good.. and met three local guy Juste before I wanted to leave. So we were talking a bit.

It came out that the three guys wanted to go playing cards and drinking around just nearby. After paying my due (8€ was much more than I expected) the three went to a car and wanted to drive. I wanted to walk… and the last I wanted was to get into a car with three guys and “drive somewhere” from which I wouldn’t know how to come back. 

So I decide to walk by myself, enjoy some dessert and go back to the hotel.

The wash station to enter the mosque 

And a park with people walking and children playing 

And then hell started. The room as all the day in the sun with no protection. It had warm up… and there was no Aircon… even no fan. Even the room doors open and cross airing with the other rooms did not help. Tonight I decided: i will want a very small USB fan, so that I can at least sleep at night in such case. 

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