Back to Izmir

28 Jun

There was some topics that are bothering me since a few weeks. My front tyre was doing strange and the whole power Management isn’t working as thought first. 

So I had some parcel to waiting for me – or going to be delivered in Denizli near Pamukkale. So I had to be a bit faster there… to solve a wrong delivery. The shipment company had exchanged to parcels. I needed to go there. 

So today’s goal was “simple” a at least on the paper: I had headwind on the way to Çesme, I would have tailwind on the way back. 

Well… not really. And higher temperature 

But first I wanted to see a bit more of Çesme and cycled a bit around 

If only those wind machines wouldn’t blow in my direction!! 😕

The sun was even melting some dark parts of the bitum… making the tires sticking to the road and strange noise. The way down…. but I knew what I was especting today. Fortunately, there was enough water to be bought. And that is one of the limitation by travelling without a trailer: you can’t charge your Paniers with too much water. 

So the goal was set: just cycle back…quite boring I know.

To the same hotel. Since it was a windy warm day… the evening was short. 

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